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Microsoft Word Refresher Course (3-003)

This self-paced training course is offered in two parts and will help refresh participants’ Word skills, thereby increasing productivity within their industry. Participants will be taught common technical writing strategies, will review commonly known Word techniques, and learn new, or little known, tips and tricks to making any Word document professional-looking. Both modules contain simulations and examples of the concepts. Participants are encouraged to have dual screens so they can pull up Word and practice along with the training. Participants will have a quiz at the end of each module to assess their learning.
 Learn the basics of technical writing;
 Learn how to insert self-updating date stamps and screenshots;
 Learn how to use the different views;
 Learn about formatting a document including using format painter and clear all formatting;
 Learn about recovering documents;
 Learn how to create a professional-looking table of contents;
 Learn how to modify page numbers;
 How to use the developer tab;
 And many other tricks.

Delivery Method: On-Demand Length of Course: ~1 hour Scheduled Dates/Time...: N/A

  • Introduction
  • Word Refresher Module 1
  • Word Refresher Module 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed